Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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mar 20

"GSS receives the visit of the Emilio Jimeno Institute"

GSS Group has organized visits to the IES Emilio Jimeno students to make them aware of the Entrepreneurs Project from the GSS platform in Calatayud.


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feb 26

"GSS Group joins Covisian to create a leader in Europe and Latin America"

The Covisian Group will invoice 300 million euros generated by more than 14,000 workers in twelve countries and two continents.

This operation is part of the strategy of the Italian group that aims to guarantee its clients, also abroad, excellent management services and improve the competitive advantages it generates with innovative technological solutions and its own know-how developed by Covisian throughout of the years.


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feb 22

" GSS Group presents its nominees for the Fortius 2018 Awards"

The eleventh edition of the Fortius Awards begins, in which the GSS Group presents two important candidates: Fabián Cáceres, nominated for the Spirit Fortius Awards and Nadya Franco, candidate for the Best Platform Responsible Award. The Awards will take place on March 21, 2019 at the Príncipe Pío Theater in Madrid.

Premios Fortius


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ene 09

"Centers of Interaction with clients (CIC), Transformation and Offshoring"

"I ... have seen things that you would not believe". Those of us who continue to survive in this passionate industry for a whopping thirty years now can undoubtedly use the phrase from Ridley Scott's legendary film "Blade Runner" to describe, not the future, but the recent past of the same.
César López, General Director of GSS Group


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