Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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jun 08


GSS is about to take a leap- through the imminent participation of a new invedstor- that will triplicate the turnover of the company in the next two years, which will transform it, according to Vicente Lopez's plans, in the leading contact center company in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Additionaly, said company has just founded a new company, GSS Social Media & Interactive, which will integrate the universe of the social media with the customer service management.



However, Vicente Lopez says that, if at this moment, one month away from turning 71, somebody asked him: Would you do it again?, he would certainly say "no". 


He compares its professional career- as he has the ability to illustrate it with very graphic examples- with the feeling of having successfully jumped over a cliff with an abysm underneath your feet. Once you reach the other side, you look behind and when you see all the potencial consequences of said act, one promises himself that he will never repeat it.


When he was 45, Vicente Lopez, President of GSS Group (company specialised in integrated solutions for the managment of customers of large companies and public organisations), quit his top executive position in a solid company to jump into the void.




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