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feb 07



This survey was conducted in 53 countries between October and December 2010, and establishes Vietnam as the most optimistic nation in the world.
Among South American countries, Brazil tops the ranking as it came in fifth place on the worldwide list. The list is completed by a group of African and Asian countries, all poor but which have seen rather dynamic economies in the last few years. On the contrary, the European countries were ranked as the ones that view the future the worst.
Despite having a higher standard of living that most of the optimistic countries, France and Iceland are among the most pessimistic. Spain came in seventh place. There’s good reason for this as Javier Dávila, the Head of the Institute for Economic Studies of the National Industry Society (SNI as it's known by its Spanish acronym), affirmed that this optimism is due to the fact that the economy is growing both internally as well as externally.
It is also due to the high levels of investment that will be recorded this year. “The industrial sector alone plans to invest $US 5.7 billion," he said. Added to this is the development of new growth poles in regions like Ica, Cusco, Lambayeque, Piura and Cajamarca which are still emerging but have great potential.
It is worth remembering that according to a survey done by the company CCR for the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) and published last December, 79% of business leaders associated with the business association expect better results for their business in 2011.  Moreover, they expect the economy will grow by 8.2%.
Source: El Comercio