Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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"GSS Wants to Lead the Contact Center in Spanish America."




GSS, the Spanish multinational company which is pioneer in customer services for large companies and the public sector - "contact centers" - whose stock majority is in the hands of Vicente López, the President, his family and a group of executives, is finalizing the development of a plan with the objective of leading the Spanish America market of this business as it has done with Atento - the absolute sector leader which is owned by Telefónica, the company from which it obtains nearly two thirds of its entire turnover.-
A PARTNER. GSS is finalizing the entry of a partner into its capital which will contribute “between 15 and 20 million euros for 35% of the company’s shares, which we will dedicated to purchasing companies and financing the development,” Vicente López tells Dossier Empresarial. GSS, whose Presidency and share majority was taken over by López in July 2000, has seen dizzying growth since that year.  It now has a staff of 7000 employees and estimates it will attain 108 million euros in turnover in 2010 which would represent an increase of 30% over the year before.

The nearly one hundred clients of this multinational company include the leading large banks and companies in the insurance, distribution and telecommunications and energy sectors as well as some contracts in the public administration sector both in Spain and Latin America. As far as other contracts of interest - no client represents more than 15% of the company’s total sales - GSS participates in the Caribú Project led by Telefónica International worldwide for all of Latin America and which is carried out with the different Telefónica Group operators in the various countries. The company’s business is now mostly centered in Spain although it is also present through centers and commercial offices in Peru - where it has a contact center with 2000 employees from where it works with other countries - Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina - with a local partner- and Uruguay.
“Besides Atento- which is the absolute leader and provides service mostly to Telefónica- we have to get ahead of Konect- the second largest operator which is tied to Santander Bank-, enter the "champions” league and rub shoulders with the global sector leaders,” says Vicente López.
NEW DESTINATIONS. For this reason, most of the financial injection from the new partner- “which will have a family office profile and will be long term” - will go towards “financing our growth, purchasing companies and to developing projects,” he adds. To this sense, our upcoming projects are “to purchase a share package in a Brazilian company, enter further into another Spanish American country- perhaps Colombia- and develop the United States market.

With a degree in Law and a university diploma in Personnel and Business Management from ICADE (Catholic Institute of Business Administration, Comillas Pontifical University), Vicente López held various positions of responsibility at Xerox for 20 years until he became the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Spain and Portugal. In 1986, he founded Teleaction, one of the first telemarketing companies in the sector. Between 1997 and 1998 he was President of Sitel Ibérica Teleservices for Spain and Portugal. In July 2000, he joined the promotion and leadership of GSS as the group President, the office he currently holds.
Source: Dossier Empresarial; December 24, 2010




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