Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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jul 03

"Customers, unsatisfied with the quality of customer services in Spain."

Leadership Factor and Grupo GSS have carried out a phone survey to ask consumers about their level of satisfaction with the customer services of the main companies of the Spanish banking, insurance, telecommunications and utilities industries.  


The objetive of the survey is to learn the consumers' perception of customerservices, identify weaknesses and implement improvement plans. The survey tries to measure the differences between the expectations of the clients towards the contact centers and the real expriences they have with them. 


The results show a tough reality for the Spanish companies, as the average satisfaction index is of 65,60% (over 100%). In normal circumstances, in order to engage a client, said index would need to be of 80%. This information can explain the current trend of the Spanish consumer that is not loyal to the brands of the analyzed industries. 


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