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abr 26

"GSS Group celebrates Foursquare Day in Madrid. "

FourSquare celebrated on Aprli 16th its Day in 745 cities. In Madrid more than 50 people gathered in the Puerta del Sol to celebrate the anniversary of this social network. The marketing and social media departments of GSS were in charge of organizing the meeting in Madrid.
“There is no other place in Madrid busier than the “oso y el madroño” in Sol. In Malaga the meeting took place one day earlier, on Sunday. In New York even the major, Michael Bloomberg, took part in the event. And like this, 745 cities around the world and more than 20 million people registered in FourSquare, a community that only counted on 7 million subscribers a year ago, with an air of social network and a strong playful factor”.





Read whole article in the Spanish newspaper ElPais.



GSS con Foursquare