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abr 11

"Almost 100% of the population is satisfied in Galicia with Emerxencias 061, a service provided by GSS."

10-03-2012 / 14:30 h EFE


Almost 100% of the users would choose this service again to receive health assistance, according to the results of a survey addressed to the population that uses the Fundacion Publica Urxencias Sanitarias.

The information has been presented today by the manager of the Servizio Galego de Saúde, Maria Nieves Dominguez Gonzalez, the director of Asistencia Sanitaria, Felix Rubial Bernardez, and of the Urxencias Sanitarias de Galicia- 061, Jose Antonio Iglesias Vazquez.


The survey highlights that 99 per cent of the users interviewed would call back the 061 if they required any urgent health assistance. This data reveals an increase in customer satisfaction in comparison to the survey carried out in 2010 that indicated a degree of satisfaction of 97,8.

Another fact that remarks the high valuation received by the service Urxencias Sanitarias de Galicia- 061 is that of the 3,000 users interviewed in 2011, the service obtained an average valuation of 9 points, in a scale from 1 to 10,  47. 5% gave the highest score.

“The results of the analysis of the information collected there is a clear understanding that the citizens that are using the servies are satisfied with it, not only at a global level, but also with each of the services provided by the coordination center”, concludes a note from the Health Counselor.


9 over ten

The average valuation provided by the citizens- more than 3,000 interviews- is of 9 points in a scale from one to ten, and it is worth highlighting that, 50% of the users, value the service with a ten. Regarding the human management, 95% consider that it was good or very good. With regards to the the professional levels, 94.4% of the interviewed say that they are very satisfied or quite satisfied.


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