Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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feb 01



Iberdrola gains 10 points in the Satisfaction Index of its customers, and receives the award to the best contact center within its industry. 


Iberdrola received the CRC GOLD 2011 to the Best Contact Center in the industry of ENERY AND UTILITIES in a ceremony organised by the AEECCC, IZO and IFAES last november 22nd in the frame of the professional contact center fair that took place in Madrid. 


Customer satisfaction is a must for Iberdrola, and it has been demonstrated by the careful analysis of their customer services. 

In 2009 Iberdrola hired the services of Leadership Factor, European leader in customer satisfation and loyalty surveys, to analyze the aspects to improve. 


The joint work of Leadership Factor and Iberdrola has translated into optimal results, as they have increased their customer satisfaction index by 10 points in just two years of hard work. 


The Leadership Factor methodology allows to detect the aspects to be improved, and they highlight the variables that can turn into an opportunity for the company. This is a succes story because of the commitment to their customers and the successful implementation of all the improvements which has translated into optimal results.


Just like Iberdrola, other large companies, such as Grupo GSS, in its constant effort to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction have seeked the help of Leadership Factor.  


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