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jul 06


Last june 21st Madrid (Spain) hosted a Quality Forum aimed to the contact center industry with its main focus on the COPC® methodology. The event counted with the presence of the biggest experts on the subject, such as Kenwin and GSS Group, as well as with the participation of Telefonica Spain.



During the summit GSS shared its experience in the practical application of the methodology in the campaings that GSS manages for Telefonica Spain.



     César López- GSS          

GSS explained the decision process that led the company to go for the COPC® methodology, as well as the company adaptation that had to be peformed in order to meet the requirements set by the Norm. After 10 months working with this new system, GSS has noticed a drastic improvement in some of the changes adopted.


The evolution in the managment methodology reflects improvements in some of the most critical indicators that somehow impact on the business, such as costs, income or customer satisfaction. In fact, the correct implementation of the methodology allowed to sensibly improve the satisfaction indicators of the final consumer.



All this leads to a clear conclusion for those interested in improving their operational results on a daily basis: THE NEW METHODOLOGY WORKS!


Sonia Rubio (Responsible for the Client Experience Area in Telefonica Spain) shared with the attendees the experience of Telefonica during the process of adopting the COPC® methodology. As one of the reasons to implement this new norm, Sonia Rubio mentioned that "sales are hard to get now, so we have to bet on the client satisfaction". One of the most remarkable data was that during the 6 months that the telecommunications company has been applying the methodology, they have achieved a continous improvement process.


                                      GSS- Público en evento COPC                                                                      Alejandro del Riccio


As part of the ongoing effort of GSS to anticipate and offer higher quality levels to its clients, it has wanted to innovate, once again, and become one of the pioneering comapnies in this process. The experience with Telefonica Spain has been one of the first steps to adopt by GSS in its plan to implement it transversely in all its clients' campaign.



The event finished with an open debate among the attendees (belonging to the largest companies in Spain in the industries of banking, telecommunications, utilities and public administrations) where it was highlighted the importance of quality on the customer service services as a differenciating factor in the market.



José Luis Goytre, President of the Spanish Association of Contact Center Experts (AEECCC), sponsor company of the Contact Center Quality Forum, highlighted the necessity of alerting the Spanish companies about the relevance of quality in customer care, as anything that we could save in these type of services, is lost later on in cut down of benefits.



Several of the attendees joined the debate and declared that, as companies in search of customer care services it is difficult to find providers that embark in these types of quality methodologies. They added that the provider that vouches for the quality, is the one that will finally get the client. On this subject, it was remarked how GSS Group, in the midddle of a price battle in the current market, is going in the opposite direction to the sector, and is investing strongly in quality.



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