Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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" He who stands apart will receive more benefits."


The True “Cost x Benefit” Ratio
To survive in this day and age, a company has to be willing to change. Times of economic recession offer opportunities and the important thing is to have very clear strategies to develop and follow at those times. The recession is attacking the entire market including our competitors meaning the company that stands apart and uses the best ideas to get ahead more efficiently will receive the most benefits.
As far as GSS Group is concerned, today is our opportunity to talk about quality, to focus on our clients and work towards the inside of our organization, standardizing all of our processes and training our personnel in order to attain the competiveness that is required right now.
Our entity decided to implement the COPC® method to obtain some of the great benefits of the model:
1. Cost savings.
2. The capacity to retain clients.
3. The capacity to recruit new clients.
All of this can be done by encouraging “high performance” in the organization.
The key to achieving this lies in our management having understood the power of consistency in world-class management across the organization’s service provision channels and the impact of this management on the entity’s performance. Nowadays, those responsible for campaigns monitor the “cost per transaction” as well as the “cost per resolution” in order to demonstrate as precisely as possible that the best attain efficiency without losing their focus on service and quality.
Secondly, but equally important, we believe that implementing the COPC® method transversally; in other words, at all of our locations, strengthens and consolidates continuity in the management approach with regards to achieving high performance.
The continuity of the implementation process and effective management based on the key customer-related processes (KCRPs ) and the key support processes (KSPs) based on the COPC® model makes it possible to still find over the long term room for potential gains in costs as well as revenue.
The recession makes it so that clients become more and more demanding all the time as far as sophistication and the complexity of the services they require.  At the same time, they demand ever lower prices. The risk of losing “tonicity” in operational and commercial areas is very high, or dangerously increases the risk of keeping the business profitable.
Considering this scenario, an excellent way to increase the probabilities for a successful implementation and be absolutely aligned with the (new) client needs without assuming the risks of affecting the profitability of the business, is to make it so that those responsible for the most critical processes in the chain understand the direct and indirect relationship between the departments and the positive and negative impacts that a single action can produce.
GSS has already had the opportunity to benefit from most of the advantages the method can provide. As a reflection of this, we’ve seen our end user satisfaction rates increase and, as a result, our clients’ satisfaction rates.  At the same time, we’ve achieved interesting increases in our profit margin due to the savings generated by some of the aforementioned actions.
We work to take on challenges and successfully come out ahead of the great challenge.