Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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feb 17



Equipo GSS Premio OROVicente López premio ORO Estrategias




GSS, a company that specializes in Contact Centers and CRM, received the Gold Award in the eighteenth edition of the Estrategias Magazine Awards after winning an overwhelming majority of the votes cast by the magazine’s readers.
Estrategias is the most important magazine in the direct marketing, promotional and events sector. More than 240 sector professionals attended the awards ceremony.
The award was accepted by Vicente López, President of GSS Group, and a pioneer in Spain in the implementation of Call Centers in 1986.
“Our growth is basically due to our very valuable management team, our clients’ trust, constant innovation, an extensive service portfolio and our unstoppable internationalization as we are already present throughout Spain and in Ibero-America and the United States".
It is equipped with next generation technology and a team of more than 7,000 professionals that manage millions of daily contacts with the customers of large banks, insurance companies, energy companies, telecommunications companies and public administrations. 









What does it mean to your company to have received this award?



For GSS Group, receiving a Gold Award from Estrategias is recognition for a job well done, granted by the entity with the highest prestige and authority in the marketing sector which positions us as a reference in the Contact Center business. The fact that the readers are the ones who voted and chose us to receive this award brings us even more satisfaction. In 2010, GSS Group placed special emphasis on adapting to our clients as part of our constant line of work based on quality and customer satisfaction. We have taken this basic value to the extreme in innovation as we have adapted in record time to today’s changing sector, economic, social and, especially, technological environment. GSS Group has worked hard to lead trends and provide a more advanced service in the Contact Center sector. This award confirms us as leaders in the Contact Center sector and at the same time poses a new challenge for 2011 as GSS Group will search for the way to keep evolving and innovating as it has done so over the years in order to maintain its leadership status.
Briefly assess the contact center sector evolution in the last few years.

In the last few years, the contact center sector has suffered from atomization in the market. The contact centers that began 10 years ago as “call centers” have become “multi-channel contact centers” today. Customer service has gained much relevance in recent years and has become a fundamental tool for reaching end users, listening to them and satisfying their needs.
In a thirst to follow the new trends, multi-channeling generated the birth of new companies intending to cover these growing market needs and that is where the atomization of the market came into play. The key factors for the success of the contact center have been:
EXPERIENCE: Knowing how to deal with new changes and new needs with the professionalism and know-how that only a company with many years of experience in the contact center sector can do best.
GSS Group arose as a project led by a group of professionals who were pioneers in the telemarketing business and all came from the very first company that specialized in outsourcing which was founded in 1986.  Therefore, we have the founding team’s years of cumulative experience.
ADAPTABILITY: The digital world (social networks, web 2.0, etc.) have revolutionized all of today’s socio-economic sectors and the contact center sector is playing a crucial role. Contact centers, which are experts in managing customers and listening and satisfying needs, are the organizations that are most capable of filling this new need.
At GSS Group, sector and service-specific specialization allows us to offer our clients a three-dimensional offer of services which, as a whole, make for the ideal solution for each one of them. Plus, we continue investing in providing our clients added value by improving processes and applying technological innovations and we are actively and effectively meeting the burning demand of the digital world.
QUALITY: It’s the essential business strategy if you want to be competitive. GSS Group considers this factor to be one of the fundamental values of the company and we dote on this and pay attention to it throughout all of our processes.
THE VALUE OF TRUST: Trust is essential in the relationship between the contact center and the client. The existence of contact centers has been and continues to be fundamental to the marketing sector as companies like ours are the ones that manage the reputation of our clients behind the scenes and without being seen, and we meet the end customer’s needs. GSS Group takes a personal interest in each one of its clients and projects. GSS Group becomes a lifelong partner for its clients, not just a service provider.



What do you believe is the sector outlook for 2011?


2011 offers a highly motivating, challenging and defiant scenario. Contact centers are at the vanguard of communication and marketing as they bring together more and more forms of communication. However, only the companies that know how to pursue the keys to success I mentioned will be able to handle such a changing and dynamic market as is the one facing us in 2011.
For GSS Group, 2011 is going to be a year of new developments, growth and national and international expansion. We’ve gone from being a telemarketing company to becoming a customer services company. We are the only company that has all the customer relations operational areas through our specialized units so we can provide integrated solutions to attain specific and measurable objectives. We are ambitious; we aren’t easily satisfied.
Another key factor in 2011 will continue to be off shoring. Despite the fact that off shoring has turned out to be a complete disaster in other languages, it has been quite a success in Spanish. Outsourcing makes it possible to have both the human resources and technology to create an infrastructure that adapts to the specific business needs at any given time.