Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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feb 14

"A company such as GSS is for its clients a Center of Profit Generation."

Vicente Lopez is, simultaneously, an entrepreneur and a pioneer. In 1986 he not only creates a company from nowhere, but he does it within an industry, telemarketing and field marketing, which at that time was unknown in our country (Spain). Teleaction, thanks to the strong drive of its owner and its team of collaborators, brings down barriers and contributes decisively to build the first contact centers, the first toll free numbers and the first phone emergency numbers in Spain.

Almost 17 years afterwards, Lopez, who had previously been commercial general director for Xerox Spain and Portugal, manages GSS as chairman. This initiative was promoted by his son, Cesar, and some colleagues from Teleaction after its sale into a multinational company. They asked Vicente to take the control of the company, and he did not hesitate. Today, with a managing role very similar to the on in the first company, GSS has become a leading company in customer management through integral multichannel solutions. “Our success- explains- is owed to our managers, who started their professional lives with me when they were just 25 years old. They are great professionals, with deep knowledge, expertise, drive and dynamism. And of course, to the people that work on the sites. They do a very hard job with little recognition. They need to be stimulated continuously. Economic incentives are just not enough, for this reason we have a specific department called Psicomotive, which is composed of clinical psychologists, who motivate our operators emotionally.


- ¿Has the sector changed a lot during these almost 27 years?


- Yes, - answers the president- a great deal. I would highlight, above all, that at that time a company like ours was regarded by clients as a center of cost, and today it is a profit generator.

GSS Group employs 8,000 people and last year had a 93 million Euros turnover. 40% corresponds to Spanish clients and production; 35% to Spanish clients with production in Peru, and the remaining 25% to clients and production in the South American country. “Our goal- points out Vicente Lopez- is to become the leaders in the sector again, as we did with Teleaction”. Right now, their focus is set in the foreign market. GSS is present by itself, in “joint venture” or in cooperation with local companies in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, Peru, Argentina and USA. It’s an ambitious goal. They want to settle in Latin America taking as a starting point their infrastructure in Peru, and establish in the United States. They want to do it as GSS in very sense, but with the help of a minority local partner. They estimate that, by the end of 2013, everything will be ready to start the adventure.

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