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ene 23

"New Brand Peru."

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros, has announced the launch of the new Brand Peru.


What is it and how was it developed?

The new brand is a logo in white and red colors, with a geometric spiral shape, symbol that has been a constant in the Peruvian cultures.

“The letter “P” refers, not only to the Nasca Lines. The spiral is also present in the Caral, which is a universal symbol of continuity. In the center there is a @ which is the symbol of modernity, and it shapes the word Peru”, explained Ferreyros.

A single identity

He also explained that its creation started during the management of Mercedes Araoz, when the need of a new brand was perceived, a brand which positions Peru abroad to attract tourism and investors. “Before there were logos for each issue, and the idea was to unify them and create a single identity”, pointed out Ferreyros.

Ferreyros said that he was sure that this country brand would continue during future Administrations, as it is a technical work.