GSS: Management of services specialised in financing.


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Financial Services


GSS has extensive experience in managing specialized services for financial sector companies. The GSS objective is to maximize our clients' results and to do so, we must adapt to the specific needs of each client and their products and services.



GSS provides its clients with global management of all of the services it offers. 







 Acquisition Financing and Card Recruitment.

GSS Call Center

  • Payroll direct deposit recruitment.Captación de Nóminas.

  • Mortgage subrogation recruitment.

  • Retail client recruitment (POS terminals)

  • Mail management.

  • B. O.

  • Virtual banking.



  • Customer service (SAC)

  • Telephone banking.

  • Electronic banking.

  • Credit cards for bank clients.

  • Hospital insurance for Group clients.

  • Payroll direct deposit recruitment by generating office traffic.

  • Customer satisfaction studies.





GSS Insurance was created with a vocation to anticipate the market and be pioneers in applying new services to offer our clients the greatest added value.
It is comprised of expert professionals in each area of our business who provide something different to set us apart which is completely new in telemarketing.


Three Pillars of Business







 Line Agencia de Seguros Vínculada S.L.


GSS Telephone Sales, Agent Assistant.


GSS Services, Outsourcing of insurance company processes and services.

  • Brokerage.

  • Telephone sales.

  • Sales force. 




  • Outbound / Inbound.

  • Telephone sales.

  • Help Desk

  • Claims, queries and appointments.

  • Cold calling.   


  • Claims intake / management.

  • Risk selection.

  • Claims, queries and appointments.

  • B.O

  • Collections.

  • Overdue account collection.